Sydney Sutherland

Monday Crime Stories: Nurse Sydney Sutherland brutally abducted, raped & killed while jogging near home

New details are emerging in the case against Quake Lewellyn, the man accused of the death of nurse Sydney Sutherland, who went out for an afternoon jog but didn’t return home. Lewellyn’s wife and mother point out his new truck that suddenly has a new dent in the hood. His wife has now filed for divorce.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Wendy Patrick- California Prosecutor, author “Red Flags”, Host of “The Answer” on KCBQ Radio
Mitch McCoy – Reporter for KARK 4 / FOX 16 News Little Rock, Arkansas
Joe Scott Morgan
JoScott Morgan – Professor of Forensics Jacksonville State University, Author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”

Additional Guests

Sam and Maggie Sutherland: Sydney Sutherland’s parents

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[Feature Photo: Sydney Sutherland/Handout]