Police are pulling people over, handing out $100 in cash instead of tickets

Officers with the Fremont Police Department in Nebraska are handing out $100 in cash to drivers lucky enough to be pulled over at the right time.

ABC 7 reports that the cash-giving to drivers is a tradition with Fremont police that started around seven years ago. According to Fremont PD Lt. Kurt Bottorff, an anonymous donor sends money to the police department each year. This year, a donor sent $5,000.

“What we do is we go out and we look for very minor violations, headlight out, cracked tail light, anything that’s minor, but a valid reason for a stop,” Bottorff said.

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Instead of ticketing the drivers, officers hand them cash. The reactions have ranged from mild elation to crying and screaming.

“People hug, people cry, we’ve had people scream in their car, they’re so excited,” Bottorff said. “Some people kind of low key, but the ones that mean a lot are the ones that break down a little bit and you can tell you’ve really hit a good spot with them.”

Driver John Pry was one of the cash recipients. He said he wasn’t speeding and had no idea at first why he was being pulled over.

“I was looking to make sure I wasn’t speeding, I don’t know I was kind of nervous,” Pry said. “2020 got better. Can’t thank the Fremont Police Department and the anonymous donor enough.”

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]