Tatyana Loskutnikova

Beautician fights for her life after dogs rip off her face

A 20-year-old beautician attacked by a pack of dogs is in life-threatening condition after a December 23 mauling that left her with her face gnawed off.

New York Post reports that the incident happened in Ulan-Ude, a city in Russia, as Tatyana Loskutnikova walked past a pack of 10 dogs. The dogs mauled Loskutnikova, ripping off parts of her skin and shredding all of her clothes during freezing weather.

Nearby neighbor Alexandra Andreevna and a male passerby pulled Loskutnikova to Adreevna’s home, then contacted authorities for help. First responders arrived and rushed Loskutnikova to a hospital, where a doctor determined she had severe blood loss and facial disfigurement.

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“The victim is in intensive care after anti-shock therapy,” said Dr. Igor Shpak, of the Republican Clinical Hospital, said. “The patient was delivered to us in an extremely serious condition suffering hemorrhagic and painful shock.”

Only her eyes remain on her badly-mauled face.

Andreevna described how she heard screaming and barking as the attack took place.

“I got dressed, went out to the crossroad to see. There was a backpack lying on the ground,” Andreevna said. “Then I saw a baying pack of dogs and a person lying on the ground. There were about 10 dogs, maybe more.”

“She was conscious, but, apparently she could no longer scream because of pain…We dragged her to my house. She was without any clothes, only in boots. Her body was bitten in places to the tendons and bones. Her face was also bitten, covered in blood. The eyeballs were exposed.”

Authorities reportedly shot and killed the dogs in connection with the attack. A preliminary investigation is currently underway.

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[Feature Photo: Tatyana Loskutnikova/Instagram]