Orson and Orrin West

Police chief says foul play likely involved after two missing boys disappear from backyard at same time

During a Tuesday press conference, the California City police chief said he thinks that foul play is involved in connection with two boys who reportedly disappeared earlier this month.

“I can’t comment on that, whether I think they’re alive or not. I do suspect foul play,” chief Jon Walker said. “We have not been able to put together how the boys got out of the yard or where they’ve gone.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Orson and Orrin West, ages 3 and 4, were last seen on December 21 at a home in the 10700 block of Aspen Avenue, in California City, at around 5:45 p.m.

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KTLA 5 reports that the boys’ adoptive father, Trezell West, said the children were in the backyard playing when he stepped out briefly to open a gate and gather wood. The boys’ adoptive mother, Jaqueline West, said she was inside wrapping presents.

During a previous press conference, Trezell West explained that he accidentally left the gate open after gathering wood, ABC 23 reports.

“I open up the back gate, I’m throwing wood, bringing it inside the house. My wife’s inside, she was actually wrapping gifts so we thought it was a good idea that our youngest two go outside and play with chalk on the back patio,” West said.

“I realized that I left the back gate open and I panicked and came inside the house, searched the house, me and my wife. Once that didn’t pan out, I got in the van, I looked down the street in both directions, it was getting dark, getting cold.”

Trezzel West said he called 911 after neighbors indicated they hadn’t seen the boys.

Walker, however, said that four agencies, including the FBI, are working on the case, yet haven’t been able to determine that children ever left. He added that none of the neighbors have ever seen the children since the West family moved in the neighborhood, several months ago.

Ryan Dean, the boys’ biological mother, also stepped in to help with the search. Dean, of Bakersfield, said she had plans to regain custody of her children at some point, but it’s unclear why they were removed from her care.

Dean said she thinks the adoptive parents are hiding information.

“They did something, I feel like they did something and they know something. They did something. I feel like my kids are somewhere around here. I can feel it. And I feel like they are in the house and I feel like they did something,” Dean said.

The West couple reportedly said they understood Dean’s concerns, but have no idea where the children could be.

“That’s understandable,” Trezell West said, referring to Dean’s statement. “I would think the same thing. That’s exactly the point, and if we can find our babies … that’s all I want, is to find our babies.”

On December 29, authorities executed a second search warrant of the home. Local reporters saw police carrying out several large bags.

The California City Police Department said no one has been ruled out in the boys’ disappearance at this time.

The West couple adopted the boys in 2019. They have four other children, including two biological and two adopted children. Walker said the couple’s other children are now in the care of CPS.

“Until we determine one way or another what happened to the [missing] children, the other four children are taken out of the home,” Walker said.

Anyone with information on the case should contact the California City Police Department at 760-373-8606. Check back for updates.

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[Featured Photo: Orson and Orrin West/Police Handout]