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Nichol Olsen: Can car technology solve the mysterious deaths of beloved mother and her two daughters?

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in Texas is using technology they paid $15,000 for, that could possibly help them solve the untimely deaths of a San Antonio woman and her two young daughters.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Nichol Leila Olsen, 37, and her two daughters, London Sophia Bribiescas, 10, and Alexa Denice Montez, 16, were found deceased in a sprawling, lavish mansion in the Anaqua Springs Ranch community, close to Boerne, around 25 miles northwest of San Antonio, in January 2019.

At the time of her death, Olsen had made plans for one of her daughters to take a singing class and was looking forward to seeing her son the following weekend. Friends and family said there’s no way Olsen would have taken her own life or killed her children.

“It’s crazy for anyone to think she would kill her daughters,” Nichol’s brother Justin told People magazine.

An autopsy report, however, determined that Olsen killed her children before shooting herself. Sheriff Javier Salazar of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said he’s “not ready to label Nichol Olson as a murderer, a double murderer of her own children.”

“Calling someone the murderer of their own children is the worst thing you could ever accuse anybody of,” Salazar said “I’m not ready to do that yet.”

Salazar has now refused to sign the final forms on the case, pending further investigation.

KENS 5 reports that Salazar decided to use vehicle forensics technology called “Berla” in the Olsen case because he still has many questions about several people of interest.

“The basics of the infotainment system of the car are on the dashboard,” Salazar said. “You see the music. The navigation. The clock and all of the accessories that are in the brain of the car.”

“So, if we can show that at around 9:29 p.m. a cell phone made a phone call, and at 9:29 this car was here as opposed to here that could yield some good information. That could either clear somebody or cement them even more as a suspect in a case.

What I can tell you in the Anaqua Springs case is that it has been able to help us establish a timeline of where persons of interest were, in relation to of what we believe to be in the time of death.”

Salazar added that are cross-referencing information they obtained from Berla with other evidence they have.

Nichol Olsen and Charles Wheeler/Facebook

Authorities have not named a suspect in the case, but Alexa’s father filed a lawsuit in January against Charles Wheeler. According to the lawsuit, plaintiff Carlos Montez Jr. sued Wheeler for gross negligence and wrongful death.

Wheeler told police that he slept over at a friend’s house on the night of the deaths, claiming that he had gotten into an argument with Olsen and left to cool off. Wheeler said when he returned home the following morning, he found Olsen and her daughters dead and promptly called 911.

The lawsuit accuses Wheeler of leaving his gun in a place where Olsen had access to it, San Antonio Express-News reports. Given her alleged state of mind at the time, Wheeler is accused of acting negligently.

Another lawsuit was filed on January 8 by Hector Bribiescas, the father of London. The lawsuit accuses Wheeler of ignoring Olsen’s escalating behavior during the night they argued and failing to protect the children.

“On the night of the incident in question, (Wheeler) knew that Nichol Olsen was acting irregularly and was not in the right state of mind,” the lawsuit stated. “Wheeler knew Olsen’s behavior was escalating, was erratic and highly emotional and was potentially threatening and/or could lead to actual violence.”

The autopsy and toxicology reports for Olsen and her children haven’t been publicly released, due to the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, Salazar feels that there are more people that hold the answers to what happened.

“At this point, I still believe there are persons of interest that we have not spoken to. We have not spoken to, to the extent that I would see them, I’d like to see them spoken to. And there are persons of interest in this case and we have not yet established, where they were and what they were doing at the time that we believe these deaths occurred…That’s what I’m trying to establish here, and until that question is answered satisfactorily for every single person of interest in this case, it’s not going to be closed.”

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[Feature Photo: Nichol Olsen and children/Facebook]