UPDATE: She’s ‘swimming with the fishes,’ husband tells police about missing wife [Report]

A Florida man appeared before a judge Saturday after taunting police about his wife, who was found deceased on Friday in his backyard.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Roberto Colon, 66, reportedly told police he married Mary Stella Gomez-Mullett — an immigrant who lived with and took care of his mother, who suffered from dementia — so she could become a US citizen.

Colon reportedly became convinced that Gomez-Mullett had been “defrauding” his mother of thousands of dollars, police said.

Gomez-Mullett was on the phone with a friend on February 18 when she drove to Colon’s house to drop off a vehicle he accused her of “fraudulently” getting from his mother. She also brought with her a purse the mother had given her and some other items, the friend said, because she wanted to end her relationship with Colon. It was the last time she was seen alive.

On February 20, Colon told police he went to a doctor’s appointment on February 18 and that Gomez-Mullett had left his home by the time he got home.

Three days later, a bloody purse with a broken rosary inside was found about a mile from Colon’s house. Gomez-Mullett’s family identified the purse and items in it as belonging to their relative.

Roberto Colon/Police Handout

Police obtained a search warrant for Colon’s house and executed it on February 24, finding red stains on the front door that were later confirmed to be bloodstains. Colon told detectives he had cut himself while installing the door. They also found blood spatter on the walls, floor, and ceiling of his garage.

Colon told investigators he’d never noticed the blood and said it probably came from his dog, which had been bleeding some months ago and shook while in his crate. But lab tests confirmed the spatter was human blood.

Colon then allegedly said, “abattoir,” and told investigators that his wife was “swimming with the fishes,” ABC 25 reports.

Colon reportedly taunted police, called Gomez-Mullet a “piece of s**t b***h,” and dared authorities to “find the body, find the body.”

“Well at least you didn’t find a body at my house,” Colon said as investigators left the home.

Authorities returned a few days later and found the victim’s body buried in Colon’s backyard. He was subsequently arrested on drug charges and domestic premeditated murder in the first degree.

A judge granted Colon a $2,500 bond for the marijuana possession and no bond for the murder charge. The presiding judge ordered that the suspect undergo a “serious review” of his mental health.

Colon is scheduled to return to court on April 5. Check back for updates.

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[Feature Photo: Mary Stella Gomez-Mullett/Boynton PD]