Ryan Peralto

Video evidence shows babysitter kicking little boy in the head for urinating on himself, KILLING him: Police

WARNING: Graphic Details

A Nevada babysitter is behind bars after security cameras reportedly caught her in action while she abused a young boy.

Ryan Peralto, 5, was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital in critical condition on March 11. He died the next day, officials said. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, police arrested the boy’s babysitter, Laurren Courtney, 22, in connection with the child’s death.

An arrest report indicates that Courtney was babysitting Ryan and his 7-year-old sister on March 11, while the children’s parents were working. At around 11:50 a.m., Courtney contacted the boy’s father, Kaiea Peralto, and said Ryan had thrown up blood.

Peralto went home and found Ryan unresponsive. Peralto told investigators that Courtney left once he arrived home.

Peralto also told investigators that his daughter previously told him that Courtney had been hurting Ryan. Peralto said he installed security cameras in the home shortly after, CBS 8 reports. According to the arrest report, the video showed the suspect kicking Ryan in the face, slapping him, and punching him.

The footage then showed Courtney undressing Ryan and dragging him into the shower, the arrest report says.

“Officers were able to view video surveillance on an app from Kaiea’s phone. Officers observed (Courtney) pulling Ryan by one arm through the doorway of the bathroom. Lauren states ‘I know you are faking it.’ (Courtney) is observed kicking Ryan in the face with her foot, punching his face, and slap his chest. (Courtney) then takes off Ryan’s underwear and drags him into the shower.”

“She squats down to him and kicks his head and his head moves away from his body. Ryan has no reaction to this and does not even raise his hands and his body is limp.”

When investigators questioned Courtney, she said Ryan had a bruise on his head when she arrived to babysit; she allegedly insinuated that the boy’s father was at fault. When asked if she knew that Peralto had security cameras, she said, “I know, he has three.”

Courtney eventually admitted that she became upset when the boy urinated on himself.

“She said she may have been ‘mad’ and ‘blacked out’ because she has no recollection of stepping on Ryan,” the arrest report read. “Lauren then stated she has ‘mental issues’ or ‘mental health issues.’”

Courtney was subsequently arrested and charged with first-degree murder and eight counts of child abuse. She remains behind bars at the Clark County Detention Center without bail.

Courtney told police that she was an “entertainer” who babysat on the side, making around $300 a week from the Peralto family.

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