Friday Crime Stories: Young college sophomore found purple, DEAD, after ‘HAZING’

Stone Foltz, a business major at Bowling Green, dies after consuming a handle of alcohol during a pledge party. Foltz was taking part in a fraternity ritual. The Foltz family’s attorney, Rex Elliott, says the 20-year-old was taken to a basement at an off-campus fraternity house, blindfolded, and told he couldn’t leave until he finished the equivalent of 40 shots in a short time. Elliott says Foltz was then left at his apartment alone. His blood alcohol was .394.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Jim Piazza
Jim Piazza – Father of Timothy Piazza, Anti-Hazing Activist, Founding Member of the Anti Hazing Coalition and Parent United to Stop Hazing (PUSH)
Dr. Susan Lipkins – Psychologist and Hazing Expert, Author: “Preventing Hazing”
Justin Boardman – Retired Detective, West Valley City Police Department Special Victim’s Unit, Boardman Training & Consulting
Jay Maguire – Parents and Alumni for Student Safety (PASS) Founder; Facebook: “Parents and Alumni for Student Safety”

Additional Guests

  • Rex H. Elliott – Foltz Family Attorney, Cooper & Elliott Co-Founder and Owner; Twitter: @cooperelliott, Stone Folta GoFundMe: “Stone Foltz Memorial Fund
  • Dr. Priya Banerjee, M.D. – Board Certified Forensic Pathologist, Anchor Forensic Pathology Consulting, Assistant Medical Examiner
  • Amy Steigerwald – Reporter, WTOL 11;, Twitter: @amysteigerwald, Facebook: @AmySteigerwaldTV

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[Feature Photo: Stone Foltz/Facebook]