Young college sophomore found purple, DEAD, after ‘HAZING’ now ruled an accident!

An Ohio college student who died after a fraternity hazing incident passed away accidentally, according to autopsy findings by the Lucas County coroner.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Stone Foltz, 20, died on March 7 after a reported hazing incident at Bowling Green State University. The family’s lawyer, Rex Elliott, said that Stone was dropped off at his apartment at around 11 or 11:30 p.m. on the night in question, after he attended the off-campus Pi Kappa Alpha event.

While previously speaking with Good Morning America, Stone’s mother, Shari Foltz, previously said she began worrying a few weeks prior, after her son’s fraternity wouldn’t let him leave campus until 2 a.m. to drive home for the weekend.

A few weeks later, Shari spoke to Stone on March 4, and he told her he had to participate in a drinking ritual that evening at around 9 p.m.

“I’m like, ‘How’s it going?’ He’s like, ‘Well, hasn’t started yet. It doesn’t start till nine,’” she recalled. “I said, ‘Well, then I’ll call you at 10 to check up on it.’ I never made that call.”

Shari said she never heard from her son again. Law enforcement later told the parents that Stone became unresponsive after a night of drinking and later passed away at an area hospital, after the victim’s roommate called 911.

Stone’s parents have been pushing for criminal charges against other fraternity members after saying he was forced to drink excessively as part of the hazing ritual, which ultimately cost him his life.

Previous video coverage of the case 

NBC 4i reports that the Lucas County Coroner stated this week that Foltz’s death was accidental.

“It is my opinion that Stone Foltz died of fatal ethanol intoxication during a hazing incident,” Dr. Diane Scala-Barnett wrote. “Manner of death: Accident – College fraternity induction ritual.”

Elliott released a statement on the family’s behalf following Dr. Scala-Barnett ‘s findings.

“The Lucas County Coroner’s autopsy report provides valuable information regarding the cause of Stone Foltz’s death. Without question, he died as a result of a college fraternity induction ritual. The statement that his death was accidental—without any witness interviews or evidence about Stone being forced to drink an entire handle of whiskey—has no value and doesn’t impact anything criminally.

Stone’s death at the hands of fraternity members hazing him and other pledges was both deliberate and reckless and we will not stop until justice is done and this type of behavior never occurs again on a college campus in this country.”

Stone’s family maintains that he was forced to drink a bottle of liquor during a “Big-Little” fraternity game; they will continue to push for criminal charges.

“I don’t want any parent, I don’t want any kid, I don’t want any brother, sister to have to go through this. This is awful,” Shari Stone said.

Meanwhile, the school charged the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity for violating six code of conduct rules, which included, hazing, causing others harm, and “disrupting order or disregarding health and safety with alcohol,” ABC News reports.

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