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CRIME STORIES ‘In the Valley of Sin’: ‘Child Victim’: I lied, Dad never molested me!

“In the Valley Of Sin” is a six-hour docuseries that examines the mid-90’s witch-hunt that pitted neighbor against neighbor in Wenatchee, Washington, when police uncovered a monstrous child sex ring known among its membership as ‘The Circle.’

Local authorities alleged that dozens of children were raped in the bedrooms of their parents, in the homes of their neighbors, and at ritualized orgies on the altar of a church. But there was one problem: there was no sex ring, a truth that only emerged after 43 parents were arrested and dozens of children were made wards of the state.

Today, Nancy Grace speaks with the foster daughter of Detective Bob Perez, the little girl who was driven through town to point out homes where she had been molested.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Tom Grant – Award-winning journalist (30+ years), former reporter, KREM, Associate Professor of Journalism at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, co-executive producer of “In the Valley of Sin” and other documentaries
Dr. Elizabeth Loftus – Distinguished Professor, Psychological Science: Criminology, Law & Society; Cognitive Science; School of Law, University of California, Irvine; Author of “The Myth of Repressed Memory.”

Additional Guests 

  • Donna Everett – Middle child of Harold & Idilla Everett’s 5 children; former foster daughter of Bob & Lucy Perez
  • Kathryn Lyon – Author, “Witch Hunt: A True Story of Social Hysteria and Abused Justice;” former public defender, Pierce County, Washington
  • Frank Jenny, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Franklin County, Washington, former deputy-lead prosecutor of Wenatchee sex ring cases

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