4-year-old boy and his father dead after mom requested emergency order to remove boy from home; family calls it murder-suicide

“You deserve to have your head separated from your body”

Authorities in Florida are investigating after police discovered the bodies of a father and his young son in Fort Lauderdale Friday.

According to the Associated Press, police found the bodies of 47-year-old John Michael Stacey and his 4-year-old Greyson Martin Kessler at Stacey’s downtown Fort Lauderdale condominium on Friday night. Police have released very few details about the deaths, but the Sun Sentinel confirmed that Greyson’s mother Alison Kessler contacted police and begged them to check on the home after she received a series of threatening texts from Stacey, who had allegedly texted her several threats in the preceding days.

One of those texts read: “You deserve to have your head separated from your body,” according to a court petition obtained by the Associated Press.

The Sun Sentinel reports that Alison Kessler’s attorney petitioned a judge to approve an emergency order Friday, which would have allowed police to remove Greyson from the home. The judge responded with a denial on Saturday, after the boy had died — presumably without the judge’s knowledge.

The victim’s family identified the father and son and issued a statement through a representative, while Fort Lauderdale police have not yet publicly commented on the killings, including the cause or manner of death. The family believes Stacey killed his son before taking his own life.

“The family of Greyson Martin Kessler is devastated by the loss of our baby boy. Greyson was the kindest, smartest, most animated kid we have ever known,” the statement reads.

“Greyson’s mother, Alison Kessler, did everything she could to keep her child safe from harm. We feel that the system failed us at every level, from her attorney to the police department, to the court system.

“There were many red flags exhibited by John Stacey that were never acted upon, even though Alison reported his bizarre and threatening behavior and went through all the proper channels. This tragedy could have been prevented if proper action had been taken to help Alison and Greyson.

“Greyson was the light of our lives, and the world is darker without him in it. Those who wish to help can donate to our GoFundMe.“

A week before the deaths, Alison Kessler filed for an order of protection against Stacey, CBS Miami reports.

This is a developing story. CrimeOnline will provide further updates when more information is available.

[Feature image: Alison Kessler and Greyson Kessler]