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Little girl found near death on neighborhood street, injured brother screams & runs from their mother: Police

A Minnesota woman is behind bars after allegedly beating two of her young children, leaving one of them with life-threatening injuries, according to Woodbury police.

Sadiyo Ibrahim Mohamed, 31, told police she had a history of mental health issues, following the brutal attack on her son and daughter. According to police, one child was found lying in the street with grave injuries while her brother had bruising and a possible broken arm.

Woodbury police arrived at the 400 block of Lake View Alcove on Wednesday after callers contacted 911 and said a woman was chasing a screaming little boy down the street. When officers arrived, they spotted Mohamed chasing her son. When they approached her, she was staring off into space while mumbling a Somali phrase, KARE 11 reports.

Other officers who arrived at the scene found Mohamed’s daughter lying in the street, near death. Police said the child appeared to be a 5 or 6-year-old. The girl was found lying in a pool of blood with a piece of wood beside her.

Both children were rushed to Regions Hospital. While the young boy survived, the girl was listed in critical condition and is not expected to make it.

Another child, identified as a 3-year-old, was found inside Mohamed’s home uninjured.

Mohamed reportedly told investigators that she “wasn’t sure if her kids were a devil or a demon, which made her question if she should hurt them or not.”

Mohamed’s son told investigators that his mother kicked him out of the house, then attacked him for no reason on the night in question. He reportedly added that he wasn’t sure why his mother was so angry but that she had hit him on other occasions in the past.

According to the Pioneer Press, police said the little girl has extensive bruising all over her body, numerous brain bleeds, liver lacerations and a fractured rib. Police said the child has labored breathing when they arrived at the scene.

Siv Mjanger, of the Washington County Attorney’s office, said the children were beaten with a “metal cylinder object that she used to punish the kids.”

Police took Mohamed into custody and during questioning, she reportedly said she suffers from bipolar disorder and hadn’t been taking her medicine.

“It is a horrible tragedy and, unfortunately, this mother is responsible for causing this horrible tragedy to her own children,” Mjanger said. “The surviving children will obviously be impacted for the rest of their lives and are potentially going to lose their sister. We will be doing everything we can to hold her accountable.”

Mohamed was arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault. Check back for updates.

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