The parents of a 10-year-old Arizona girl have been charged with murder after the girl’s remains were found in an attic after a house fire— three years after the girl disappeared. An investigation began when an 11-year-old girl called police and said she’d been left in her Phoenix home alone for two days and was hungry.

Authorities said the girl reported that she’d been neglected and abused by her adoptive parents Maribel Loera, 51, and Rafael Loera, 57. She said that Maribel Loera was in Minnesota with two siblings, a 4-year-old boy, and a 9-year-old girl.

The girl told investigators that Maribel struck her with knotted extension cords, and officials said she had injuries that were consistent with being struck by a “rope-like object.” She also told officials she had an older sister who vanished in 2017. She said that Maribel told her the girl was adopted and sent to Columbia, but Rafael said she was sent to Mexico.

Phoenix police officers who responded to the call said the home was in “disarray” and ahs feces on the floor. While fighting the fire, the child’s remains fell out of the attic.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Daphne Young – Childhelp.org VP, Communications & Prevention Education
Melissa Hoppmeyer – Chief, Special Victims & Family Violence Unit, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office, Co-Founder of Right Response Consulting, “No Grey Zone” Podcast
Dr. Bethany Marshall – Psychoanalyst, Beverly Hills, New Netflix show: ‘Bling Empire’
Dan Scott – Retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant, 26 years with Special Victims Bureau Specializing in Child Abuse
Dr. Michelle Dupre – Forensic Pathologist and former Medical Examiner, Author: “Homicide Investigation Field Guide” & “Investigating Child Abuse Field Guide”, Ret. Police Detective Lexington County Sheriff’s Department
Mary Jo Pitzl – Senior Reporter, The Arizona Republic/azcentral.com covering child well being and at-risk kids; Twitter @maryjpitzl

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[Feature Photo: Rafael and Maribel Loera/Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]