The Texas Cadet Murder: The dark side of teen love & ambition [Crime Stories]

Diane Zamora and David Graham were overachieving high school students in love, sharing common dreams of flying high in the Air Force as a married couple. But a dark secret emerged as they were their first year of college. Diane was a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy and David was a cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy when investigators linked them to the murder of another teen, Adrianne Jones, who had been found dead on a rural Texas road a year earlier.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Troy Slaten
Troy Slaten – Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, Slaten Lawyers, APC; Twitter @TroySlaten
Dr. Michael B. Donner, Ph.D. – Psychoanalyst, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant on Child Custody Matters, Author: “Tearing the Child Apart: The contribution of Narcissism, Envy and Perverse Modes of Thought to Child Custody Wars”
Kendall Crowns
Dr. Kendall Crowns – Deputy Medical Examiner Travis County, Texas (Austin)
Justin Boardman – Retired Detective, West Valley City Police Department Special Victim’s Unit, Boardman Training & Consulting; Author: “I Was Wrong: An Investigator’s Battle-cry for Change Withing the Special Victims Unit. Boardman Training & Consulting; Instagram/Twitter: @boardman_train

Additional Guest 

Peter Meyer – Author: “Blind Love: The True Story Of The Texas Cadet Murder,” Founder: School Life Media

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[Feature Photo: Diane Zamora and David Graham/Handout]