Daniel Halseth and Aaron Guerrero

Crime Stories: High school ‘PUPPY LOVE’ TURNS MURDER, video surfaces

A teen girl and her teen boyfriend make plans to run away together, but when her dad finds out, he puts a stop to it, or so he thought. Two Nevada teens are now behind bars after police say they murdered Daniel Halseth and set his body on fire.

According to an arrest warrant, Daniel Halseth’s mother contacted police for a welfare check after she hadn’t heard from him. Halseth’s landlord and a family friend found the 45-year-old burned body inside a garage. Aaron Guerrero, 18, and Sierra Halseth, 16, have been charged. Now a video has surfaced of the pair laughing about the murder of Daniel Halseth.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Ashley Willcott
Ashley Willcott – Judge and trial attorney, Anchor on Court TV
Caryn Stark – NYC Psychologist
Robert Crispin – Private Investigator with “Crispin Special Investigations”
Dr. Priya Banerjee, M.D.  – Board Certified Forensic Pathologist, Anchor Forensic Pathology Consulting, Assistant Medical Examiner
Vanessa Murphy – Investigative Reporter, KLAS-TV; Instagram: @vanessareporting; Twitter: @Vanessa_Murphy; Facebook: “VanessaMurphyInvestigates”

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[Feature Photo: Daniel Halseth/Facebook; Anthony Guerrero/Police Handout]