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Kristin Smart: Prosecutors Push for Two Rape Charges Against Alleged Cal Poly Student Killer

Prosecutors want to add two sexual assault charges against the man accused of murdering Kristin Smart.

San Luis Obispo County prosecutors are seeking to amend their murder case against Paul Flores, to include two rape charges against two other women who previously came forward against him. Flores is currently charged with murder, while his father, Ruben Flores, is charged with helping his son after the fact.

The Los Angeles Times reports that according to Los Angeles Police Capt. Jonathan Tippet, prosecutors are looking at “looking at two sexual assaults that occurred in the San Pedro area” when Flores lived there, between 2013 and 2017. The prosecution hopes that the charges will help bolster their case that Flores is a danger to society.

As CrimeOnline reported, prosecutors previously stated that “dozens of women have recounted Paul Flores’ sexual assaults and predatory behavior that document his 25 years as a serial rapist.”

“If he [Paul Ruben] were released from custody the court would be putting a serial rapist back on the streets and leave him free to victimize additional women,” Deputy District Attorney Christopher Peuvrelle wrote while arguing to keep Ruben behind bars earlier this year, after his arrest in April on murder charges.

As of now, the prosecution is focusing on the two rapes in the San Pedro area. It’s unclear if they plan to file charges for any additional rape charges.

Paul Flores and Ruben Flores/Police Handout

What Happened to Kristin Smart?

Smart disappeared on May 24, 1996, after attending an off-campus party near Cal Poly. She called her parents that night at around 8:00 p.m. and left a voicemail. It was the last time they heard from her.

Fellow classmates Cheryl Anderson and Tim Davis told police that Smart was intoxicated and passed out on a neighbor’s lawn that night. They helped her up to escort her back to her dorm room, when Flores joined in and said he would help as well.

As the group walked toward Smart’s dorm, Davis left first to go to his own dorm, followed by Anderson. Flores assured the group that he would get Smart home safely and lived the nearest to her.

Flores later told authorities that he accompanied Smart back to her dorm at Muir Hall. He claimed he then left and walked to his own dorm room at Santa Lucia Hall.

Flores had a black eye while speaking to investigators at the time. He explained it happened after playing basketball, but authorities were skeptical of his story.

Flores later claimed he got the black eye while working on a truck. Eventually, he stopped talking to the investigators and obtained an attorney.

When authorities brought cadaver dogs to the campus, the dogs reportedly made their way to room #128 at the Santa Lucia Dorm, where Flores lived. Two dogs showed interest in a mattress on the left-hand side of the room, according to court documents, which was Flores’ side of the room.

According to CARDA dog handler, Adela Morris, there “a strong possibility that a deceased body had been in that room.”

Kristen Smart/Handout

The Daily Beast reported in 2016 that authorities had the chance to arrest Flores on rape charges prior to Smart’s disappearance. Additional women reportedly came forward afterward and said Flores also sexually assaulted them.

One of the women said she contacted the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office and reported the incident, but Flores has never been convicted of any of the alleged assaults.

In March of this year, authorities spent two days searching Ruben Flores’ Arroyo home. They used cadaver dogs and ground-penetrating radar while digging in areas outside of the home. Investigators also removed an old Volkswagen from the property.

Investigators returned to the home in April. Numerous law enforcement vehicles were seen outside the home for hours.

Ruben Flores’ attorney told People magazine that he “doesn’t believe there is any evidence, especially objective physical evidence, that my client has committed any crime.”

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