‘How is it My Problem?’: New Police Docs Show Aiden Fucci Reacting to News of Tristyn Bailey’s murder

When Tristyn’s body was found, there were ink drawings of a smiley face and the word ‘Karma’ on her ankles. Police don’t know who drew them.

New police documents connected to the murder of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey show that suspect Aiden Fucci changed his story multiple times, and showed no concern for Bailey after learning that she was dead.

Bailey was found dead in a wooded area in her St. Johns County, Florida, hometown on May 9, the same day her family reported her missing that Sunday morning. She had over 100 stab wounds and her hair was reportedly caked with blood. Fucci, who had been questioned by police shortly after Bailey was reported missing, and was eventually arrested and charged with her murder.

The St. Augustine Record obtained court documents detailing police interviews with Bailey’s family; Fucci, 14; and a “friend” identified in other reports as Fucci’s girlfriend, whose name has not been published. The girlfriend reportedly told police that Fucci had exhibited violent tendencies and had told her weeks before the murder that he planned on dragging someone into the woods and stabbing them; though it does not appear that Bailey was his target at that time.

The witness also said that Fucci “knew something was wrong with him and wanted to reach out for help,” according to the report.

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Fucci was quickly identified as a person of interest, based on surveillance video footage appearing to show him walking with the victim early that Sunday morning. He was later seen walking alone, carrying his white sneakers.

A timeline provided by First Coast News shows that Fucci changed his story several times about what happened when he was with Bailey early that Sunday morning. At one point, he claimed that he pushed Bailey to the ground after she “grabbed his penis,” and left here there, walking away. In other interviews he said he kissed Bailey but that nothing else happened.

Fucci also implied that Bailey was involved in illegal drug activity, and suggested that police track down a drug dealer in his twenties who Fucci claimed Bailey communicated with over Snapchat.

After Fucci was taken into custody the night of May 9, he spoke to his parents in a recorded interview room. Earlier that evening, a resident had found Bailey’s body and contacted police, who apparently had not yet told Fucci that Bailey was found dead.

According to First Coast News, Fucci’s mother told her son that Bailey had been found.

“Is she good?” Fucci asked.

“No, she’s dead,” his mother said. “That’s why this is very important. It’s all on you right now.”

“How is it my problem?,” Fucci replied, according to the report.

According to the St. Augustine Record, 49 of Bailey’s stab wounds were determined to be defensive founds. Her body was also found with writings in blue ink on each of her ankles. One was a smiley face, and other was the word “Karma.”

According to the report, investigators do not know who drew the messages.

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