Nonnie Dotson

Crime Stories: Gorgeous Mom, USAF Nurse Nonnie Dotson Goes Out for Smoothie, Never Seen Again!

Nonnie Dotson, 33, a USAF nurse, visits family and friends in Littleton, Colorado. One afternoon she tells family she’s going for a smoothie with friends. Dotson is never seen again.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt – 27 years Atlanta Metro Major Case detective, SWAT Officer, Attorney
Dr. Angela Arnold
Dr. Angela Arnold – Psychiatrist, Atlanta Ga., Expert in the Treatment of Pregnant/Postpartum Women
Dan Corsentino – Former Police Chief, Former Sheriff, Served on US Homeland Security Senior Advisory Board, Private Investigator

 Additional Guest

Michael Whelan – Podcaster and Researcher: “Unresolved;” Instagram/Twitter: @unresolvedpod

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[Feature Photo: Nonnie Dotson/Handout]