What drove these moms to murder? Nancy Grace investigates Murder Moms all this week on FOX Nation ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’

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What drives “Murder Moms” to take the lives of what we think moms love the most…their own children? Join Nancy Grace to break it down in a week-long series, “Crime Stories: Murder Moms,” because it’s still murder even if mommy did it!

On Monday’s program, Grace investigates the shocking case of Susan Smith, who spent nine days pleading for help in locating her two sons. She claimed that on the night her sons disappeared, a Black male approached her at a stoplight, forced her out of her red Mazda Protégé, stole her car, and drove away with her two sons still inside the vehicle.As the investigation progressed, 23-year-old Smith admitted to driving her car into a lake with her two young sons strapped in their car seats.

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And please join us this Friday for “A Casey Anthony Investigation with Nancy Grace,”  available exclusively on Fox Nation.

Sweet Caylee Marie Anthony would be celebrating her 16th birthday this August, but instead, she was killed and thrown out like trash and we still don’t have justice. In Nancy Grace’s new, exclusive Fox Nation investigation of TOT MOM Casey Anthony, she uncovers new evidence from friends, relatives, and key players from inside the investigation that may have changed the outcome of the trial.

What went on behind closed doors? Which witnesses were never heard by the jury? She goes to the crime scene, the courthouse, and the Anthony family home in a little girl’s homicide that shocked the nation.

Below is the full schedule for this week’s “Crime Stories: Murder Moms” programming:

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Murder Moms

Episode 1: SUSAN SMITH – Premiering Monday, August, 23rd, 2021
MURDER MOMS: Mom rolls her car into the lake, drowning her two young children.

Episode 2: DIANE DOWNS – Premiering Tuesday, August, 24th, 2021
MURDER MOMS: Mother shoots her three children and drives to the hospital, claiming it was a carjacker.

Episode 3: LETICIA STAUCH – Premiering Wednesday, August, 25th, 2021
Description: MURDER MOMS: Stepmom accused of murdering 11-year-old and stuffing his body in a suitcase.

Episode 4: EMILY GLASS – Premiering Thursday, August, 26th, 2021
MURDER MOMS: 5-year old disappears after supposedly being put down for a nap, his body found under a bridge five months later.

Episode 5: JULIE SCHENECKER – Premiering Friday, August, 27th, 2021
MURDER MOMS: Mother guns down her teen kids after they “talked back and were mouthy.”

A Casey Anthony Investigation with Nancy Grace – Premiering Friday, August, 27th, 2021 exclusively on Fox Nation

Beautiful Caylee Marie Anthony would be celebrating her Sweet 16 Birthday this August, but instead, she’s buried six feet under the ground, and we STILL don’t have justice.

Nancy Grace investigates TOT MOM Casey Anthony, uncovering new stories from the early days of the investigation and what went on behind closed doors. Grace revisits the crime scene, courthouse, and Anthony’s family home in this shocking investigation.