Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Babysitter terrorizes tot CAUGHT ON NANNY-CAM

Security video shows a 2-year old boy being physically restrained by his nanny and force-fed. The little boy can be heard saying ‘NO” as well as crying and screaming for his daddy. Parent Max and Laura Oglesby turned in their home security feed to the horrifying situation. The couple, working about 45 minutes away, immediately headed home, calling the boy’s grandmother to go get him immediately.

When the Oglesby couple checked more of their footage they found the ordeal lasted more than two hours. Nanny Lauren Rowe can be seen holding 2-year-old Declan’s arms behind his back as she jams pot pie into his mouth. She then holds the boy’s mouth shut. Rowe was arrested for misdemeanor child abuse, then released on a $2,500 bond on Wednesday.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Tom Patire – America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert; Author: “The Personal Protection Handbook;” Instagram: @OfficialTomPatire
Doug Burns – Former Federal Prosecutor; LinkedIn: “Douglas T. Burns, Esq.”
Dr. Teresa Gil, Ph.D. – Professor of Psychology and Psychotherapist, 25 years Working with Child Abuse and Trauma Victims, Author: “Women Who Were Sexually Abused as Children: Mothering, Resilience, and Protecting the Next Generation”
Dr. Free N. Hess – Pediatrician/Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Child Safety Expert & Consultant, Founder of
Chris Byers
Chris Byers – Former Police Chief -Johns Creek Georgia, Private Investigator and Polygraph Examiner
Levi Page – Investigative Reporter, CrimeOnline & Host of “Crime and Scandal“

Special Guest

  • Laura Oglesby – Victim’s Mother

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