Police Release Mugshot of Suspected Christmas Parade Killer: Darrell Brooks Released from Jail on $1k Bail Two Days Before Car Attack Killed Five

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office has released a booking photo of Darrell Brooks, believed to be the person of interest in the deadly car attack that killed five people at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin.

According to an Associated Press report, law enforcement officials confirmed that Darrell Brooks is the person in custody in connection to Sunday’s violent attack, when an SUV plowed into a crowd at a Christmas Parade in Waukesha. Five people were killed and 40 more people were injured. Children are reportedly among the injured, though none of the victims have yet been identified.

It is unclear if authorities have formally named Brooks a suspect in the mass killing.

CBS2 obtained court records showing that Brooks had been booked into jail earlier this month in connection to an apparent domestic violence incident, though Brooks faces numerous charges stemming from the November 5 incident, including bail jumping disorderly conduct and battery. A judge reportedly granted no-contact orders to two women following the arrest. According to the report, Brooks was released on $1,000 bail on Friday.

CBS 58 obtained a memo from the The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office stating the office is investigating the low bail amount “in light of the nature of the recent charges and pending charges against Mr. Brooks,” who has an extensive criminal history.

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