Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Murdaugh mom and son murders still a mystery as dad Alex Murdaugh faces new financial fraud charges

Alex Murdaugh, now facing a total of 48 counts of financial fraud — stemming from an alleged botched suicide-for-hire plot and stealing money from his former law firm and his dead housekeeper’s estate. A South Carolina judge set bond at $7 million with the proviso that Murdaugh must pay his bond in full.

Previously, State Grand Jury Chief Creighton Waters ordered Murdaugh to remain jailed without bond as he was a flight risk. During his virtual hearing, Murdaugh apologized to the family of his former housekeeper. Gloria Satterfield suffered a fatal fall at the Murdaugh home in 2018.

Murdaugh was arrested on October 14 at a rehabilitation center in Florida for obtaining property by false pretenses for allegedly stealing $4.3 million from her estate. The investigation into Maggie and Paul Murdaugh’s murders has revealed Murder had a 20-year addiction to opioids.

Murdaugh is also accused of stealing $6.2 million from clients and associates between October 2015 through 2020. Additionally, the family of Mallory Beach, the teen killed in a boating accident with Paul Murdaugh, has sued the family.

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