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DNA Test Shows Daughter Isn’t Dad’s Biological Child, Family Sues IVF Doctor

An Ohio family has filed a lawsuit against a fertility doctor who they claim used a stranger’s sperm for the birth of a couple’s daughter.

On Wednesday, Jeanine and John Harvey filed a lawsuit against Dr. Nicholas Spirtos and Summa Health System. The pair alleged that they learned about their daughter’s DNA after buying her a DNA test ahead of a trip the family planned for Europe.

According to Today, Dr. Spirtos was the chief of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization/Embryo Transfer IUF Center at Akron City Hospital, now known as the Summa Health System, when the plaintiffs sought help in 1991.

“About 30 years ago my husband and I went to see a fertility doctor for help, seeking a baby,” Jeanine said during a virtual press conference. “Our goal couldn’t have been clearer. We wanted a child who is genetically related to both of us.

I underwent the in vitro fertilization with the understanding that Mike’s genetic materials would be used in this procedure. Without our knowledge, Dr. Spirtos used a stranger’s sperm.”

“Without our knowledge, Dr. Spirtos used a stranger’s sperm, instead of my husband’s. I got pregnant and our daughter Jessica was born in 1992. Harvey girls were very rare in the family, so we were so excited. I screamed and scared the doctors half to death when she was born.”

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[Feature Photo via Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane Conway & Wise Law Firm]