Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: College Instructor ‘Sweetheart’ Mows Down Cop-Boyfriend

Boston police officer John O’Keefe dies after being hit by a car and left outside during a snowstorm. The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office says it is believed that Karen Read, 41, backed into her boyfriend, 46-year-old O’Keefe, after dropping him off at a party.

Earlier in the evening, the couple was at the Waterfall Bar in Canton until after midnight. Read did not attend the party, saying her stomach was hurting. She reportedly struck O’Keefe while making a three-point turn.

The next morning, when O’Keefe did not return home, Read and two friends reportedly found the off-duty officer outside the Canton residence, bleeding and bruised. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. An autopsy determined O’Keefe suffered multiple skull fractures and hypothermia. Both of his eyes were swollen shut, and he also had cuts on his right arm and the back of his head.

Read pleaded not guilty on charges of manslaughter, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle collision causing death, and motor vehicle homicide.

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