Brian Laundrie

Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan: The Detailed Death of Brian Laundrie

The release of autopsy and forensic reports for Brian Laundrie provides an interesting study in forensics. When Laundrie, 23, was found dead of an apparent suicide, police had been searching for him in connection to the death of his girlfriend Gabby Petito. The newly-released documents show that Laundrie’s “skeletal remains and personal effects were in plain sight and scattered upon the dirt ground.”

Details also show that the area had been underwater, which could explain why investigators did not discover the remains sooner. The documents strongly indicate Laundrie died quite some time before his body was found, as there was no soft tissue left on the skeleton. There was also an indication of animal activity characterized by gnawing and chewing.

Investigators reportedly believe that wild dogs, coyotes, and/or vermin were among the animal predators that disturbed the remains. The medical examiner’s report shows that Brian Laundrie killed himself with a single bullet, which entered his skull on the left side.

Today on Body Bags, forensics expert and former death scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan explains the details and the significance.

[Feature Photo: Brian Laundrie/Instagram]