Joel Guy

Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan: The Last Thanksgiving

Joel Guy Sr., 61, and Lisa Guy, 55, were stabbed to death inside their Knoxville home following Thanksgiving. Prosecutors said Joel Guy, Jr., 28, killed his parents after they informed him they planned to retire and would be cutting him off financially.

Guy Jr. stabbed his father at least 42 times and his mother at least 30 times. He then dismembered their bodies and put their arms, torsos, and legs in plastic bins containing corrosive chemicals in an attempt to dissolve them.

Court testimony revealed that Guy, Sr.’s head was placed facedown in the corrosive chemicals. Guy, Jr. also decapitated his mother and put her severed head in a covered stockpot — which he then placed on a burning stove. The couple’s bodies were discovered the following Monday after Lisa Guy failed to come to work. Guy, Jr. was sentenced to two life sentences, consecutively with an additional four years for abuse of a corpse.

Today, forensics expert and former death scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan looks at the case.

[Feature Photo: Joel Guy Jr./Police Handout]