6 Teen Girls Die After Their 4-Passenger Car Crashes Into Semi-Truck

Six high school students have died after their small car collide with a semi-truck in Oklahoma.

The New York Post reports that six teenage girls between the ages of 15 and 17 were killed in the devastating crash on Tuesday, which destroyed the four-passenger vehicle. The driver of the semi-truck was not hurt.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol crash report obtained by the New York Post, the six girls were riding in a subcompact car when it collided with the semi-truck in Tishomingo. Only the driver and the front passenger were wearing seatbelts. All six girls were pronounced dead at the scene.

All of the crash victims were students at Tishomingo High School, and none have yet been identified.

“They were known, they were not just a number,” school district Superintendent Bobby Waitman told the New York Post. “They were not just another student. These young people were loved by this community, and their loss is a great one to everyone involved.”

Waitman told the newspaper that the school stayed open, providing students with a community for sharing their grief.

“We are open because we feel like the school is a place where many of our students want to be and we feel like they need something constant in their lives,” Waitman said. “Many of them need to be with each other today.”

“They feel the loss. But at the same time, as they saw staffers ready to greet them and that they’re grieving with them, we just hope and pray that there’s some relief for the kids.”

Authorities are continuing to investigate the crash, and no criminal charges have been filed.

[Feature image: Pixabay]