Parents of Woman Who Fatally Shoved Elderly Vocal Coach Could Face Charges: Expert

The parents of a young woman who is accused of killing her elderly vocal coach may have helped keep her hidden from authorities, according to a new report.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Lauren Pazienza is facing multiple charges, including first-degree manslaughter, in the death of a retired vocal coach, 87-year-old Barbara Gustern. Pazienza reportedly shoved the vocal coach to the ground in a seemingly random attack on March 10 in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. Gustern was hospitalized and died five days later.

Pazienza did not turn herself in until earlier this week. On Monday, police officers reportedly went to her parents’ Long Island home to look for her.

“When police were tipped off that she was hiding out in her parents’ Long Island home, her father answered the door, but refused to allow detectives to enter the premises, and claimed that his daughter was not at home,” reads a criminal complaint obtained by The Sun.

Panzienza turned herself in the next day.

A legal expert told The Sun that if Pazienza’s parents were concealing her from authorities, they could face charges of their own.

The parents, Daniel and Caroline, could be held responsible “if it could be shown that they knew she was wanted by the police and voluntarily assisted her,” professor and CNN legal analyst ┬áJennifer Rodgers told The Sun.

“That intent element is important, though,” Rogers said. If prosecutors can’t prove that Pazienza was a suspect in the attack and helped her evade authorities , “I think it is unlikely that the parents would be charged.”

Panzienza is now in custody in New York City.

[Feature image: Lauren Pazienza/CrimeStoppers]