Dallas Stoller and Bowen Turner

Nancy Grace Slams State After Man Allegedly Rapes Multiple Girls, No Jail Time After Sexual Assault Allegations

CrimeOnline’s Nancy sounded off about the case of a South Carolina teen who received probation and no jail time, despite three different girls accusing him of rape.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Orangeburg County Court Judge Markley Dennis sentenced 19-year-old Bowen Turner to five years of probation as part of a plea deal in one of the cases after he admitted to assaulting another woman in 2019.

The deal reduced a charge of first-degree criminal sexual assault charge to first-degree assault and battery, even though the victim was willing to testify. He will serve no jail time and will not be required to register as a sex offender.

In another case, prosecutors dropped charges against Bowen because the alleged victim, 18-year-old Dallas Stoller, died in November as court proceedings were pending.

“A teen was thrown down on the ground, along a tree line beside a truck, and forcibly raped by this nearly 200-pound guy on top of her,” Grace told Fox Digital ahead of her upcoming “Crime Stories” episode detailing the case. “She said she just looked up at the stars and prayed for it to be over.”

“That guy [Turner] did it and pled guilty to a reduced charge in court and got probation! Can you believe that?”

Watch the full clip below.

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[Feature Photo: Dallas Stroller; School photo, handout/Bowen Turner; police handout]