Kaitlin Marie Armstrong

[Crime Stories with Nancy Grace] JUST SPOTTED: Yoga Teacher On the Run After She Stalks, Murders ‘Other Woman’

An international manhunt is underway for the suspected killer of professional cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson. Police say 34-year-old yoga teacher, Kaitlyn Armstrong, was dropped off at the Newark Liberty International Airport just a day after an arrest warrant was issued.

Police say Armstrong shot and killed 25-year-old Wilson in a jealous fit of rage, allegedly for having an affair with Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland, who is also a top-rated professional cyclist.  On the night she was killed, Wilson was in Austin, Texas preparing for a race.

Police say she went on a date with Strickland, first swimming with him at a popular pool and then having dinner together.  After the date, Wilson returned to the house where she was staying.  Minutes later, she was shot dead. Police say Armstrong knew about the date because she’d been stalking Wilson. Ring camera video shows the suspect’s car outside the house around the time of the murder.

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[Feature Photo: Kaitlyn Armstrong/US Marshals]