Missing Colorado Girl, 14, Has ‘No access to medication’ as JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Tells Police Get ‘Off your a**’ and Find Her

Friends of a missing 14-year-old Colorado girl say they have received messages from the teen that claimed she was fine, but investigators say they remain concerned about the teen’s safety, as she has no access to her medication or money.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Chloe Campbell hasn’t been seen since September 30, when she attended a Boulder High School football game. Witnesses reported seeing her afterward on the Boulder Creek Trail, possibly intoxicated, KCNC reported.

“She was described by eyewitnesses as being with two men. Older men. Too old to be in high school. One of whom was Asian and the other who had a beard,” said Chloe’s father, David Campbell.

According to Fox News, a police report indicated that Chloe’s friends received messages from the teen, claiming that she’s safe. Investigators, however, said they haven’t been able to confirm the accuracy of the information.

“Friends have received messages that they believe could be from Chloe saying she is safe with a ‘family’ in Arizona and does not want to return home,” Boulder police wrote on Facebook. “But family and police have been unable to confirm if these messages are, in fact, from Chloe or true.”

David Campbell said Monday that they have no family in Arizona and Chloe has no known ties to the state.

“We want to make clear that we do not have any family in Arizona so this is very suspicious to us,” he said.

Family handout

Messages purporting to be from the missing teen have come from a Snapchat account the family is unfamiliar with, David Campbell said. And more concerning was a photograph sent from the account, which they didn’t share. The family says came from an anonymous source.

“She looked injured and unwell,” he added.

On Saturday, Boulder police said in a press release that Chloe is “believed to be a runaway but could be in danger.”

“Investigators are growing increasingly concerned about the teen’s safety as it is believed that she has no access to money or her medication.”

Meanwhile, JonBenét’s oldest brother, John Andrew Ramsey, has slammed the Boulder police for allegedly showing the same “apathy” as the police who investigated his sister’s case. In 1996, JonBenét was found murdered in her family’s Boulder home. The case has never been solved.

“Any parent out there can’t fathom not knowing where your child is for 8 minutes or eight hours not even to mention eight days of not knowing where your child is, is just maddening,” John Andrew told DailyMail. “They have a police department shrugs their shoulders, saying there is nothing we can do, it’s incomprehensible.”

“I think the emphasis should be on getting her home and then a deep dive into the delay and inaction by the Boulder Police Department. But in the immediate, let’s find this kid, get her home to her parents, then ask serious questions.

It’s a lack of passion and heart, that’s what we’ve been up against, apathy and you see it playing out here in the Chloe Campbell case, it is the same thing we were up against. Where is the passion?”

The missing teen is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 120 pounds, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a black hoodie, a purple top, and blue jeans.

“Chloe, honey, we love you so much. You are not in trouble,” said her mother, Jessica Knape. “If you can come home please do and if you can’t, we will not stop until we find you.”

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[Featured image: Handout/Boulder Police]