Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Glam Yoga Teacher Charged in Love Murder Insists: ‘I’VE GOT AN ALIBI’

Attorneys for Kaitlin Armstrong file motions trying to keep the Austin woman’s interview with police thrown out.

Armstrong’s attorneys are in essence accusing the Austin Police of violating the accused killer’s Constitutional Rights. Attorney Rick Cofer says Armstrong was detained under false pretenses, was not read her Miranda rights, and police repeatedly ignored Armstrong’s requests for an attorney.

Cofer also says the case against Armstrong is based on a misogynistic view, with police characterizing Armstrong as a possessive, jealous woman. Cofer says as far as Armstrong’s black SUV being at the crime scene, “you can’t be in two places at one.”

However, Cofer refuses to say when Armstrong was.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Matthew Mangino – Attorney, Former District Attorney (Lawrence County), Author: “The Executioner’s Toll: The Crimes, Arrests, Trials, Appeals, Last Meals, Final Words and Executions of 46 Persons in the United States
Dr. Shari Schwartz – Forensic Psychologist, Mitigation Expert, Trial Consultant; Twitter: @TrialDoc; Author: “Criminal Behavior” and “Where Law and Psychology Intersect: Issues in Legal Psychology”
Irv Brandt – (Retired) US Marshals Service International Investigations Branch, Author: “GOING SOLO; The Gospel of Luke” and “SOLO JOURNEY; Buddha Knights”. Both are available on Amazon
Dr. Tim Gallagher – Medical Examiner, State of Florida; Lecturer: University of Florida Medical School Forensic Medicine; Founder/Host: International Forensic Medicine Death Investigation Conference
Dave Mack Crime Online Investigative Reporter; Host of “The Mark and Mack Show,” LifeRadio.FM
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[Featured Image: Kaitlin Armstrong/U.S. Marshals]