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‘There’s too much planning in it’: Missing Mom Ana Walshe’s ‘Sociopath’ Husband Has ‘No insanity defense,’ Expert Says

The husband of missing Massachusetts mother Ana Walshe will likely have “no sanity defense” in the case, despite being named a “sociopath” in previous court filings.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 37-year-old Ana Walshe was last seen by a family member in her Cohasset apartment between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. on January 1, according to Cohasset police Chief William Quigley.

Her husband, Brian Walshe, was arrested for hindering a missing person investigation after police said he lied about his whereabouts on New Year’s Day and the day after.

Fox News Digital reports that a New York-based lawyer who “successfully tried a mental health defense in 2014,” doesn’t think the defendant will be able to claim insanity in the case.

“Most of our clients are sociopaths, that means you’re just putting your interest above society,” New York defense attorney Daniel Gotlin said. “It doesn’t mean you’re insane when you a commit a crime.”

“There’s too much planning in it. Insanity happens on the spur of the moment.”

Walshe had previously been arrested for selling unauthentic Andy Warhol paintings. He pleaded guilty to selling two fake pictures for $80,000 each, but afterward, Ana urged a judge to keep him out of jail.

Before his sentencing, Ana Walshe removed a photo from her Instagram account that showed her injuries in what could have possibly been a domestic violence situation.

“Mild concussion, bruised hip and a cut…#vulnerability,” the now-deleted post said.

The picture, which showed Ana with a cut above her eye, was deleted in 2022, around two weeks before she reportedly urged a judge to keep Brian Walshe from doing jail time.

On June 1, 2022, Ana sent a letter to Judge Douglas Woodlock, claiming that her husband helped out her mother during a serious health incident.

“My mother suffered a major neurological event which caused heavy hemorrhage,” Ana wrote. “Not only did he save her life, but he also brought her and the entire family comfort and joy during the course of her illness.”

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Neama Rahman spoke with Fox News Digital concerning the case and said it’s “reasonable” that Ana was “a victim of domestic violence.”

“This looks like domestic violence,” Rahman said. “It’s just speculation, but this looks like she was punched.”

Ana also reportedly edited numerous other Instagram photos before sending off the letter to the judge.

Brian Walshe ultimately escaped jail time under the conditions that he “return the stolen paintings or pay restitution for them,” CBS News reports.

Meanwhile, the search for Ana continues.

Investigators said her cellphone, credit card, and debit cards have not been used since New Year’s Day.

According to court documents, Brian Walshe told police that she left home on January 1 to travel to Washington, D.C., where she works. He allegedly claimed she took an Uber or Lyft from home to the airport; however, prosecutors said there is no evidence of her leaving the home that day.

Prosecutors added that Ana’s cell phone pinged in the area of her apartment on January 1 and 2 and nowhere else.

Brian Walshe said he went to his mother’s home on January 1, but it took longer than he expected because he got lost. According to what he said, he stopped by a CVS and a Whole Foods store that day, but prosecutors say there is no evidence or receipts that he stopped by those stores.

He then reportedly claimed he went out to get smoothies with his sons on January 2 and didn’t leave home again, but surveillance footage shows him also going to a Home Depot store to buy $450 worth of cleaning supplies.

“He’s on surveillance at that time on Jan. 2, even though he said he never left the house, police obtained a search warrant and actually searched the house with crime scene services. During that time, they found blood in the basement,” Norfolk Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland said.

“Blood was found in the basement area, as well as a knife, which also contained some blood.”

Quigley said Ana’s cellphone, credit card, and debit cards have not been used since New Year’s Day.

Police first said she was reported missing on January 4 by the defendant and her Washington, D.C.-based employer. In court, however, it was determined that only Ana’s employer made the initial missing persons report.

“Police were notified around Jan. 4 by her employees in Washington, D.C. that she had not shown up for work on Jan. 4. That was the first time that (police were) notified that she was missing,” Beland said.

A judge set his bail at $500,000.

The defendant was already wearing an ankle monitor in connection with a different case. Check back for updates.

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