Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Stalks Victims on Instagram?

Disturbing posts credited to Bryan Kohberger have been revealed.

An investigation by the New York Times of the accused killer’s social posts uncovers chilling comments he made as a teenager about his mental health. In one 2011 post, a then 17-year-old Kohberger writes on the forum for people with a condition called “Visual Snow.”

“Am I the only one who experiences depression, crazy thoughts, no emotion, delusions of grandeur?” he reportedly wrote.

Kohberger also writes that he felt that he can “do whatever I want with little remorse.”

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Dale Carson – High Profile Attorney (Jacksonville), Former FBI Agent, Former Police Officer (Miami-Dade County), Author: “Arrest-Proof Yourself”
Dr. Bethany Marshall – Psychoanalyst (Beverly Hills, CA); New Netflix show: ‘Bling Empire’ (Beverly Hills); Twitter: @DrBethanyLive
Sheryl McCollum – Forensic Expert, Founder: Cold Case Investigative Research Institute in Atlanta, GA; Twitter: @ColdCaseTips; Host of “Zone 7”
Chris McDonough – Director At the Cold Case Foundation; Former Homicide Detective; Host of YouTube channel, “The Interview Room”
Giovanni Masucci – Senior Digital Forensic Examiner, Counterintelligence, and President/CEO of National Digital Forensics
Laura Ingle-Senior Correspondent, Fox News Channel, Twitter: @laurraingle, Instagram:@lauraingletv

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[Featured image: Bryan Kohberger, who is accused of killing four University of Idaho students, is escorted to an extradition hearing at the Monroe County Courthouse in Stroudsburg, Pa., Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023.]