Dwayne Herelle and Irene Torres

Former MMA Fighter Stabs Ex 17 Times Before Hiding Her Body in Closet: Police

A Tennessee woman is dead and police say her former MMA fighter boyfriend is responsible for murdering her before hiding her body.

According to Metro Nashville Police Department Detective Derry Baltimore, Dwayne Herelle Jr., 28, has been charged with murder in connection with the death of Irene Torres. Torres was found dead on January 29 at her parents’ Nashville home.

On Wednesday, investigators said at a court hearing that the defendant waited for Torres to return home from work; when she arrived, he allegedly stabbed her “in the excess of 17 times,” WKRN reports.

The victim’s sister, Reyna Douglas, wrote on a GoFundMe page that Herelle Jr. “snuck up from behind and ambushed her,” and then “dragged and stabbed repeatedly in front of her [parents’] home.”

Herelle Jr. then allegedly dragged the victim to his car, put her in his trunk, drove to his own home, and hid her inside a closet. He made a stop at a dumpster before he arrived home, where he allegedly threw away a bloody pair of pants and the victim’s purse.

“They got into an argument and he begins stabbing her and after stabbing her he put her in the trunk of his car,” Baltimore explained.

After Torres’ father allegedly got Herelle Jr. to admit to killing her, investigators searched the defendant’s home and found Torres inside a closet.

“We went to the closet area, and I could see the victim inside of a clear tote, looked like she was wrapped in some type of comforter,” Baltimore said

Herelle Jr. remains behind bars. His case has been bound over to a grand jury.

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