Colorado Dentist Wanted Church to Help Clean Basement After Poisoning Wife: Report

A Colorado dentist facing first-degree murder charges for his wife’s death may have asked church members to help him clean up a possible crime scene at his Aurora home, DailyMail reports.

A source close to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Southshore Ward, where James Craig, 45, and his family attended, said the accused killer asked church members to help clean his basement and mudroom on March 17, via an email request at around 1 p.m.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Craig was arrested earlier this month for allegedly poisoning and killing his spouse, Angela Craig. She was hospitalized at UCHealth in Aurora last Wednesday; she deteriorated rapidly before doctors declared her brain dead and removed her life support.

“It was an oddly specific request,” the source told DailyMail. “It’s quite common in the community for us to go into somebody’s house and help when there’s been a new baby or sickness, but the language of this request was so heightened.”

“And looking back at the timing of the communication, I can’t help wondering if that was something Jim asked for knowing that it might be a crime scene later.”

By the time James asked the church for help, Aurora Police Major Crimes Unit had already obtained a search warrant for the home.

Numerous items were seized, including, in part, “workout-style shakers, Ziplock-style bags with white powdery substances in them, multiple types of powder proteins,” and a computer tablet.

James and Angela Craig
James Craig and Angela Craig/ Facebook

An arrest warrant indicated that Craig had a text conversation with a colleague [name redacted] following his wife’s hospitalization. Although he initially denied ordering potassium cyanide, he recanted and claimed Angela wanted him to order it but didn’t have the credentials herself.

Craig said that he didn’t really think his wife would take it, adding that it was similar to a dare, or a game of chicken.

Craig James Toliver Affidavit by Leigh Egan

Angela Craig was admitted to the hospital on March 6, March 9, and then for a final time on March 15, when she was having seizures and did not regain consciousness.

She died on March 18.

Craig asked doctors not to conduct an autopsy. Check back for updates.

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*Additional reporting by KC Wildmoon*