James and Angela Craig

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: DID ‘PORNY’ MORMON DENTIST MURDER WIFE?

A Colorado dentist is charged with murder, accused of poisoning his wife, the mother of their 6 children.

Police say James Craig bought arsenic and cyanide, and secretly poisoned his wife’s protein shakes. Angela Craig had made many recent hospital visits, and checked into a hospital again, complaining of a severe headache and dizziness. At around 2 p.m. she had a seizure. Craig was then moved to ICU and placed on life support. Her condition quickly declined and she died.

After Craig’s death, one of James Craig’s co-workers told a nurse that the dentist had ordered potassium cyanide which was delivered to the office. There was no medical reason for the order. Police seized the husband’s computer and found disturbing searches.

It also came to light that James Craig had multiple affairs and a longstanding addiction to pornography, authorities said.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Jarrett Ferentino – Pennsylvania prosecutor and principal at Pugliese, Finnegan, Shaffer & Ferentino; Facebook & Instagram: Jarrett Ferentino
Chris Byers
Christopher Byers – Former Police Chief (Johns Creek Georgia- 25 years as Police Office); Private Investigator and Polygraph Examiner with Lancaster Information Services in Atlanta
Jen Smith – Chief Reporter at DailyMail.com; Twitter: @Jen_e_Smith
Dr. Maneesha Pandey – Chief Forensic Pathologist for Forensic Pathologists LLC in Ohio; Board-certified Forensic Pathologist

Additional Guest

  • Dr. Chloe Carmichael Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist, Author: ‘Nervous Energy: Harness The Power of Your Anxiety;” Twitter: @DrChloe

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