Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Woman ‘Cute-Meets’ Guy at Gas Station, Wannabe CANNIBAL

A North Carolina man has been charged after telling police he wanted to mutilate a woman and leave her body in the street.

The suspect and his victim met at a gas station. The two exchanged numbers, then Hunter Nance invited the woman to his home. At the home, the woman claims Nance attacked her with a knife. She managed to escape.

People in the community called 911, reporting a woman with bloody hands was walking down the road. The victim was able to direct the deputies back to Nance’s home. Nance told police he chose the woman at random and wanted to kill her for the thrill.

Nance also said that he planned to “cut her fingers off before killing her in order to eat them in front of her to scare her.”

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[Feature Photo: Hunter Chase Nance/Rowan County Sheriff’s Office]