Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Mom, 26, Mayo Clinic Researcher, Vanishes After String of Funny Texts w/ Sister

Madeline Kingsbury is a mom of two and a professional. For the last three years, she has been working at the Mayo Clinic as “Clinical Research Coordinator for Public Health, Infectious Disease, and Occupational Medicine Research.

On the day Kingsbury vanished, she dropped her children off at daycare and then had a text exchange with her sister; one centered around a funny picture. There were other text messages sent to Kingsbury during the course of the day but no reply.

Later that day, Kingsbury didn’t pick up her children. Turns out, she also didn’t go to work that day.

Where is Madeline Kingsbury?

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Kathleen Murphy – North Carolina Family Attorney
Dr. Angela Arnold-Psychiatrist, Atlanta GA. Expert in the Treatment of Pregnant/Postpartum Women; Former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology at Emory University; Former Medical Director of The Psychiatric Ob-Gyn Clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital
Tracy Campbell– Public Relations Director, North Star International Search and Recovery (NSI)
Julie Gates- Major Law Enforcement Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Science Program Coordinator/Instructor: Southern Crescent Technical College
John Lauritsen– Reporter/CBS Minnesota (WCCO-TV,, Twitter: @jdlauritsen

Additional Guests

Megan Kingsbury- Victims sister; Facebook: Finding Madeline Kingsbury, GoFundMe:

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 [Feature Photo: Madeline Kingsbury/Minnesota BCA]