Frankie Fitzgerald and Shaye Groves

Sex, Deception, and Murder: The Chilling Story of Shaye Groves and the Brutal Death of Frankie Fitzgerald

‘Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan’

In this episode of “Body Bags,” we unravel the harrowing story of Shaye Groves, a woman consumed by her obsession with serial killers and ultimately implicated in the brutal murder of her boyfriend, Frankie Fitzgerald.

Delving into the chilling fascination that permeated her life and relationships, the hosts uncover the disturbing evidence that led to the gruesome crime.

Hosts Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack explore the challenges investigators face when encountering an unfamiliar crime scene and the unsettling environment they discover including a macabre collection of serial killer images and the couple’s history of violent, videotaped sex acts.

They discuss Shaye Groves’ possible premeditation of the murder, her manipulation and blackmail of previous partners through recorded sex acts, and her meticulous execution of the crime, such as using bleach to clean up the scene.

[Feature Photos via Hampshire Police]