Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez

[Crime Stories with Nancy Grace] Mommy: ‘I Sold My 6-y-o Boy to Stranger at Market’

Last November was the last time 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez Alvarez was seen.

A tip to police prompted a wellness visit and then, Everman police and other investigators began a physical search for the boy after determining the mother gave a false story about Noel being in Mexico with his father. Turns out the father has never even met his son.

Family members also reported that Cindy Rodriguez Singh told a family member she sold him to someone at a grocery store. Singh, her new husband, and 6 other children left the US for India 3 days after the initial welfare check.

Police now say Noel’s stepfather disposed of a large indoor/outdoor carpet at a nearby dumpster before they left. Investigators recovered that carpet and say it was used in the makeshift shed that was later torn down to build a suspicious concrete patio.

Cadaver dogs were bought in and alerted to the topsoil, but no remains were found.

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  • Dr. Dana Anderson– Forensic Psychologist and Forensic Expert; Twitter: @psychologydrcom, TikTok: @psychologydr

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[Feature Photo: Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez/Everman Police Department]