Joanna Speaks

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Beautiful Mom of Three’s Body Found Behind Abandoned Barn, Who Killed Joanna Speaks?

It’s a Saturday afternoon around 6 p.m. in early April. Ridgefield police department receive a call about a body, discovered on an abandoned property.

Police say not only were there signs that a homicide had occurred but “there are indications the body was moved.” The body of Joanna Speaks, a mom of three, is identified. The medical examiner’s office confirms that the cause of Speaks’ death was “blunt head and neck injuries.”

So far there are no suspects.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Jarrett Ferentino – Pennsylvania Attorney/Homicide Prosecutor; Facebook & Instagram: Jarrett Ferentino
Dr. John Delatorre –  Licensed Psychologist and Mediator (specializing in forensic psychology); Psychological Consultant to Project Absentis: a nonprofit organization that searches for missing persons; Twitter, IG, and TikTok – @drjohndelatorre
Irv Brandt – Senior Inspector, US Marshals Service International Investigations Branch; Chief Inspector, DOJ Office of International Affairs, US Embassy Kingston, Jamaica; Author: “SOLO SHOT: CURSE OF THE BLUE STONE” – AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN JANUARY; ALSO “FLYING SOLO: Top of the World;” Twitter: @JackSoloAuthor
Dr. Maneesha Pandey – Chief Forensic Pathologist for Forensic Pathologists LLC in Ohio, Board-Certified Forensic Pathologist
Annette Newel – KXL News and Host, “Speaking Freely with Annette Newell,” Alpha Media USA (based in Portland, Oregon); Twitter: @AnnetteNewell16

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[Feature Photo: Joanna Speaks/Facebook]