Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: Handsome Tech Star Staggers Begging for Help, STABBED DEAD

Bob Lee made a name for himself in the tech world, as a founder of Cash App. The 43-year-old exec recently move to Florida but was in San Francisco for business. Around 2:30 a.m.

Lee calls police saying he had been stabbed. Surveillance footage captures Lee getting out of a car with another man. Quickly, the man drives away and Lee stumbles along Main Street in San Francisco’s Rincon Hill neighborhood.  When police reach Lee, he has been stabbed three times, including two wounds in his upper left chest.

The man driving the car that sped away is identified as 38-year-old Nima Momeni, also a tech executive.  Texts from Momeni’s married sister sent to Lee,  show a connection between the two. Nima Momeni reportedly confronted, Lee implying “improper behavior”

Momeni was arrested after a nine-day manhunt.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Dr. John Delatorre –  Licensed Psychologist and Mediator (specializing in forensic psychology); Psychological Consultant to Project Absentis: a nonprofit organization that searches for missing persons; Twitter, IG, and TikTok – @drjohndelatorre
Irv Brandt – Senior Inspector, US Marshals Service International Investigations Branch; Chief Inspector, DOJ Office of International Affairs, US Embassy Kingston, Jamaica; Author: “SOLO SHOT: CURSE OF THE BLUE STONE” – AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN JANUARY; ALSO “FLYING SOLO: Top of the World;” Twitter: @JackSoloAuthor
Dr. Maneesha Pandey– – Chief Forensic Pathologist for Forensic Pathologists LLC in Ohio, Board-Certified Forensic Pathologist
Ben Levitan – Telecommunications Expert
Jen Smith – Chief Reporter at; Twitter: @Jen_e_Smith

Additional Guest

  • Jarrett Ferentino- Homicide Prosecutor in Pennsylvania; Facebook & Instagram: Jarrett Ferentino

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[Feature Photo: Bob Lee/Handout]