Chad Daybell red shirt, Tammy Daybell grey shirt

Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan: Behind the Veil | Murder, Mayhem, and the Mystery of Tammy Daybell

In this episode of Body Bags, hosts Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack unearth the details of Tammy Daybell’s untimely death in Rexburg, Idaho.

They dissect the initial misdiagnosis of a heart event and navigate through a labyrinth of murder allegations ensnaring her husband, Chad Daybell, and his new wife, Lori Vallow Daybell.

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‘Cult Mom’ Trial: Tammy Daybell Had Bruises Consistent With Asphyxiation, Chief Medical Examiner Reveals

They also highlight the crucial role of the coroner, the complexities of exhumation procedures, and the startling forensic evidence that contradicts prior claims about Tammy’s death.

[Feature Photo: Chad and Tammy Daybell/Facebook]