[Body Bags] Medical Misadventure or Manslaughter? A Tragic Childbirth Tale

Jessica Ross and Treveon Isaiah Taylor are filled with joy at the prospect of welcoming their newborn into the world.

Tragically, their world is turned upside down when what should have been a routine childbirth becomes a horrifying series of events that end in the loss of their baby. Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack unravel the deeply disturbing story of a young couple who were denied the chance to bond with their deceased child. They explore the complex layers of emotion, science, and legality surrounding the case.

From a shocking refusal to permit an autopsy, to startling revelations of the baby’s decapitation, the hosts scrutinize every angle. They underscore the necessity for trust between medical professionals and patients, particularly when the stakes are this high.

[Feature Photo: Attorney Cory Lynch, left, announces the lawsuit with Treveon Taylor and Jessica Ross/AP Photo/Sudhin Thanawala]