DISTURBING! Jogger finds ‘badly decomposed’ body in park

A jogger unearthed a decomposed body in a Flushing, Queens, park on Wednesday afternoon.

The unsettling find was made near a wooded area of a bike path in Kissena Park. The body consisted of a skull and bones scattered along the area. Sources claimed tattered clothing was also recovered at the scene. Officials suspect the corpse was burned, according to WABC.

DNAinfo reported an NYPD spokesperson announced the unidentified jogger discovered the skull at 1:13 pm along 164th Street, between Underhill Avenue and Booth Memorial Avenue. Investigators later found additional remains approximately 30 feet into the woods.

“It was a badly decomposed body,” an NYPD spokesman told Gothamist. “We don’t know if it’s male or female or how long it had been there.”

Despite the poor condition the body was in, investigators believed it was an adult based on the skeleton’s size, according to the New York Post.

“I’ve seen plumbing companies dumping things in the park. It’s an isolated area,” resident Sergio Hernandez told WABC.

At this point, cops said there is no sign of trauma which indicated a suspicious death.

The Queens Tribune reported that Deputy Inspector Judy Harrison said at Wednesday night’s 109th Precinct Community Council meeting that the remains appeared to have been there “for months.”

A city examiner has yet to identify the remains. Police announced no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Gothamist pointed out that a skull and bones turned up in another Queens park around the same time last year. The remains were reportedly discarded in a garbage bag at Peters Field Park.

In September, a corpse was discovered in the trunk of a burning car in Idlewild Park. According to the New York Daily News, the body—which was also burned beyond recognition—belonged to a 44-year-old cross-dressing male prostitute. Police claimed he was strangled before being put in the trunk and lit on fire at the Queens park.