Valentine-don’t! Singleton crashes car on Valentine’s, boozes up with red wine in her driver’s seat, cops snap pix

She had a wine glass in the passenger seat but drank straight from the bottle when police were questioning her

A Massachusetts woman was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on Valentine’s Day after she got into an accident. When investigating officers asked her for her license and registration, she reportedly reached for a bottle of wine instead and took a swig.

WCVB reports that a two-car collision occurred Tuesday at approximately 6:15 pm in Hingham, Massachusetts. Erin Lynch, 37, was allegedly already drunk and swerving down Rockland Street when she was swiped by an oncoming vehicle.

The other driver stated she saw Lynch going over the yellow line before the crash.

Responding officers, who alleged that Lynch’s breath smelled of alcohol, also spotted a bottle of wine and wine glass in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

The 37-year-old became uncooperative when asked to get her license and residence, instead drinking from the bottle of wine, according to CBS Boston.

NECN reported that Lynch admitted to having two drinks prior to the accident.

The Hingham Police Department also posted pictures of the collision to Facebook on Thursday, writing: “This driver [Lynch] was arrested on Valentine’s Day night after crossing over the center line on Rockland Street and hitting an oncoming car. She continued to drink from the wine bottle after the crash after Officers asked for her license.”

Both people involved in the accident were unharmed. The 37-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital and released.

Cops arrested and charged Lynch with driving to endanger, an open container violation, operating under the influence, a seat belt violation, and a marked lane violation.


Photo: Hingham Police Department