Two pit bulls snatch, eat Tampa officer’s poodle

A Tampa, Florida, police officer reportedly shot two pit bulls who ate a fellow cop’s poodle.

Keithroy George was walking his poodle, named Simba, Monday morning when two loose pit bulls snatched the poodle from his leash and dragged him into the woods.

“They grabbed the dog out of my hands, and they no longer were concentrating on me. They just started eating him up,” George told FOX 13.

Simba was mauled to death by the time an officer arrived. From there, the pair turned their attention to the responding cop, who fatally shot one dog, named White Boy, and seriously injured the other, named Tito, according to the Tampa Bay Reporter.

Tito, who recently delivered puppies, was euthanized due to the extent her injuries. The Tampa Bay Times reported the officer and George were unharmed.

The pit bulls are believed to have escaped from a nearby home. Hillsborough County Animal Control Services is looking into who owns the pit bulls and whether they’ll face any charges.

George claimed he’s been attacked by Tito and White Boy in the past—but was able to beat them away with a stick.

“The dog’s like a member of my family. And just like that, because of someone’s carelessness, they kill my dog,” George said. “If you cannot control your animal, don’t own it.”

The Tampa Police Department (TPD) is also investigating the unnamed officer’s use of deadly force, which spokesperson Steve Hegarty said they take “very seriously.” However, Hegarty claimed the officer will most likely not face any charges.

Despite losing his dog of five years, George said he is grateful for one thing: He didn’t take his 10-month-old granddaughter with him Monday morning—something he typically does.

“Vicious, just vicious dogs,” George told ABC Action News. “I really am hurt I lost Simba. He’s a friend of the family. I’m going to miss him.”

[Feature Photo: Keithroy George]