County commissioner blamed drunk driving arrest on ‘damn chicken nuggets’

A Greenville, Michigan, official reportedly claimed he was arrested for drunk driving because of chicken nuggets.

Jeremy Miller was stopped early on December 18 after an officer with the Greenville Department of Public Safety clocked him going 58 mph in a 30 mph zone. He was taken into custody after failing an initial breathalyzer test, according to a police report obtained by FOX 17.

When the arresting officer asked if he knew why he was being arrested, Miller responded with, “because I was being stupid, those damn chicken nuggets.”

Miller allegedly reeked of alcohol and told the cop it’s “been a night” and that he didn’t know whether he’s been drinking. He underwent two blood tests and had a blood-alcohol level of .13—almost twice the legal limit.

Miller was elected to the Montcalm County Commission in November and began serving as commissioner on January 1, according to the County of Montcalm website. Representing District 1, the Republican serves on several committees, including the Substance Abuse Advisory Council and Greater Greenville Transportation.

Montcalm County Controller Bob Clingenpeel told FOX 17 the following about Miller’s arrest on Wednesday.

“We will have no comment prior to the trial having taken place and a judgment rendered on the case. I can tell you that Commissioner Miller has not missed any meetings and has gone out of his way to reach out to our departments and learn for himself what their responsibilities are.”

The commissioner is charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. A bench trial is set for late March.

[Feature Photo: County of Montcalm]