Assault by Peanut Butter: Central Michigan University student hazed with peanut butter, horrific peanut allergy triggered

School officials are investigating a hazing incident where a Central Michigan University (CMU) student with a peanut allergy had peanut butter smeared on his face.

Andrew Seely, 19, reportedly just told his mother about the affair which occurred at Alpha Chi Rho fraternity in October. Seely was supposedly passed out when members put peanut butter on his face. A professor took Sealy to a campus health clinic for treatment, according to Sealy’s family.

The student who supposedly participated in the act told WDIV it was simply a prank. The students at the house also allegedly offered to pay for the 19-year-old’s medical bills.

“We’re sorry to his family that just trying to be funny made it look like we were violent,” he told the station. “We were not trying to be violent in any sense.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Seely completed one semester at the college before transferring.

“He could have been killed…Luckily he is still alive. Our family is devastated,” Andrew’s mom, Teresa Seely, wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday.

Teresa wrote that her son carries an Epipen and Benadryl tablets in case he has a reaction. She also claimed they have contacted local and CMU officials and an attorney involving the matter. CMU spokeswoman Heather Smith said on Thursday that while school officials are looking into the ordeal campus police don’t have jurisdiction because Alpha Chi Rho is located off campus.

“[They are] not a recognized fraternity at CMU,” Smith said. “They were removed from campus in 2011 for hazing.”

The national fraternity told CBS News there is no recognized chapter at the university. Andrew’s parents said their son rushed Alpha Chi Rho weeks prior to the incident believing it was a legitimate chapter.

The organization said: “Prior to this incident, when we learned that a small group of individuals had been improperly operating under our name, we promptly sent a letter to these men to stop all activity or representation of our fraternity.”

According to Central Michigan Life, Smith claimed CMU now publicly lists unaffiliated organizations.

Mt. Pleasant Police Department spokesman Jeff Brown told People on Thursday that they haven’t received an official complaint about the incident and that there is no open investigation into the Facebook post.

“Who is in charge of the checks and balances with Greek Life?” Teresa asked. “Not all fraternities and sororities are bad, this is an issue of hazing with this particular group of men.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook]